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Our most frequently asked questions...

 01  What is the scope of your legal services?

We offer only limited scope legal services

  • NOT a full service law firm

  • NOT a bunch of stuffy suits

  • NOT an overpriced law school training ground

  • NOT for everybody

  • You decide what services we provide (NOT the other way around)

  • Pay-per-Service (customize and select your own services when you need them)


 02  What is your legal fee structure?

We provide "Flat Fee-Only" legal services

  • Affordable prices for business owners

  • Harnessing technology to remove overhead costs

  • Pay a flat rate per service OR pay a business-friendly annual fee

  • Pay as you go (Pay-per-Service)

    • NO upfront retainer fees

    • NO hourly billing rates

    • NO unexpected monthly invoices

    • NO fancy overhead costs paid by our clients

    • NO meetings in stuffy conference rooms

    • NO waiting for a status update or regular communication

    • NO surprise fees or ticky-tacky admin costs

    • NO long term commitments


 03  What is the benefit of using technology for legal services? 

By harnessing technology and automation, we are taking a modern business friendly approach

  • Saving you $$ with a modern law firm approach 

  • Bringing law firm services into the 21st century

  • You’re not a lawyer, but as a savvy business owner you can handle the uncomplicated issues

  • An experienced business lawyer is available to help you with more complicated matters

 04  Do you really offer FREE Utah LLCs?

YES. Our exclusive proprietary online app allows you to create a Utah LLC for free. You still pay the state filing fees, but we simplify that process for you as well with step-by-step instructions on filing your official Utah LLC Certificate of Organization.  

 05  Why do you offer Legal Maintenance Plans?


We help you have more time to work IN your business rather than working ON your business.  

  • Annual reports and flings

  • Preventing the “piercing of the corporate veil”

  • Paying registered agents

  • Passing scrutiny on IRS audits

  • Keeping good minutes and resolutions

  • Coordination with other advisors

  • Exit planning

 06  What are the main benefits of the Legal Maintenance Plans?

Significant value to your business.

  • Never miss a filing deadline

  • Documents are always current

  • Audit trail

  • Increased education

  • Peace of mind (“corporate veil” won’t be pierced; assets are protected; etc.)

 07  What services are excluded from the Legal Maintenance Plans?

The following services are specifically excluded from any Legal Maintenance Plans.

  • State filing fees, unless indicated

  • More than one meeting per calendar year

  • Preparation or review of IRS or state tax forms

  • Preparation or review of other company documents such as leases, employment agreements, promissory notes, asset purchase agreements, membership interest purchase agreements, etc.

  • Legal representations associated with litigation, audit, dispute resolution or arbitration

  • Representation to correct adverse consequences caused by the company’s negligence, errors, omissions, inaction or failure to respond in a timely manner

  • Legal research or written legal opinions of any type

  • Comprehensive changes to Governing Documents caused by addition or removal of shareholders or members, or changes in the relationship between shareholders or members.

  • Company or asset valuation or appraisal fees

  • Bankruptcy, dissolution, merger, consolidation or other major company actions

  • Filing and recording fees to return the company to good standing or to bring the company into compliance with state law

  • Preparation of more than three deeds for the transfer of real estate per year

  • Conveyance, transfer, or recording fees

  • *Excessive telephone calls

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