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Utah LLC Creation and Filing Process Basics

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

In Utah, an LLC formation document is a generic form for filing with the Utah Department of Commerce, Division of Corporations & Commercial Code, in order to legally form an LLC. The Utah LLC formation document is referred to as the Certificate of Organization (formerly, Articles of Organization); however, other states may refer to it as the Certificate of Formation or an Organizers Statement. The Utah LLC Certificate of Organization (which closely parallels articles of incorporation needed for legal formation and recognition of corporations) is required to be filed with the state of Utah in order to establish legal recognition of an LLC in the state.

There are a variety of methods available for creating, forming, and filing a Utah LLC. A few of these options include:

  1. The state of Utah provides a template form on its website that can be used to create an LLC if that form adequately addresses your business needs.

  2. An LLC in Utah can also be created directly online through the state’s OneStop Online Business Registration system.

  3. Modern Utah Law, a virtual-only law firm in Utah, provides a free app online that allows users to create their own customized Utah LLC filing Certificate of Organization by using a simple question and answer interview format. The free app can be used online at any time.

Currently, the fee for filing a Utah LLC Certificate of Organization document with the Utah Department of Commerce is $54. The annual renewal fee for a Utah LLC is currently $18.

In a future blog post we will describe the basic information and details required to be described on a Certificate of Organization in order for the state of Utah to allow the formation document to be filed and validated. For more information about the Modern Utah Law free app for creating a Utah LLC, please see the free app website at


Modern Utah Law is a virtual-only law firm in Utah providing limited-scope legal document services for business owners in all industries and at all stages of growth and development. Copyright 2023 by Venture Counsel LC, all rights reserved.


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