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The Annual Strategy Plan Service Protects Your Business

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  • Annual owner and management meetings are held and business actions properly documented

  • Governing documents are regularly updated to incorporate changes in ownership, operations, and the law

  • Business assets are properly titled

  • Required reports are timely filed with the governmental agencies

  • Business records are kept up-to-date and coordinated to support your business tax returns in the event of an IRS audit or review

  • You and your management team stay up-to-date on changes in business and tax laws and in the general legal environment that affects your business

  • You and your advisors receive timely answers by phone or video throughout the year


  • Business CARE

    Business Care Plan (Lite)
    Valid for 12 months
    • FILE the company’s Annual Report with the UT Division of...
    • FILE your company’s Beneficial Owner Information required...
    • ACT as your company’s Registered Agent (if requested)
    • FREE ACCESS to our exclusive Free Utah LLC app for...
  • Best Value

    Business PLUS

    Business Plus Plan (Full)
    Valid for 12 months
    • EVERYTHING in Business Care Plan, PLUS...
    • UNLIMITED telephone calls*
    • CREATE your company’s Annual and Semi-Annual Minutes of...
    • CONDUCT an annual review of your company Governing Documents
    • PREPARE your company’s Ownership Certificates and maintain..
    • CONDUCT an Annual Legal Checkup meeting with you or your...
    • PREPARE up to three (3) deeds to transfer business property
    • PREPARE and provide to lenders a Statement of Authority...
    • PROVIDE periodic education or webinars to help you stay...
    • PROVIDE regular checklists, updates, and reminders

Excluded Services

  • State filing fees (unless indicated)

  • More than one legal strategy meeting per calendar year

  • Preparation or review of IRS or state tax forms

  • Preparation or review of other company documents such as leases, employment agreements, promissory notes, asset purchase agreements, membership interest purchase agreements, etc.

  • Legal representations associated with litigation, audit, dispute resolution or arbitration

  • Representation to correct adverse consequences caused by the company’s negligence, errors, omissions, inaction or failure to respond in a timely manner

  • Legal research or written legal opinions of any type

  • Comprehensive changes to Governing Documents caused by addition or removal of shareholders or members, or changes in the relationship between shareholders or members.

  • Company or asset valuation or appraisal fees

  • Bankruptcy, dissolution, merger, consolidation or other major company actions

  • Filing and recording fees to return the company to good standing or to bring the company into compliance with state law

  • Preparation of more than three deeds for the transfer of real estate per year

  • Conveyance, transfer, or recording fees

  • *Excessive telephone calls

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