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Annual Maintenance Plans
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

 01  What is included?

Here’s a summary, but be sure to check your Membership Agreement for all of the details:

  • Annual “Legal Checkup” meeting

  • File periodic reports required by state law

  • Prepare Annual and Special Unanimous Written Consents, Minutes of Meetings, Notices, Waivers, etc.

  • Periodic checklists and questionnaires sent to assist Company with annual updates, tax planning, retirement planning, end of year planning and other business planning matters

  • Normal telephone calls

  • Periodic educational workshops and seminars

  • Minor changes and revisions to Governing Documents

  • Help with titling of Company assets


 02  What is NOT included?

Here’s a non-exclusive list. Again, check your Membership Agreement for a complete list.

  • Accounting or preparation of any IRS or other tax forms

  • Legal fees associated with litigation, audits, dispute resolution or arbitration

  • Research, legal opinions or other legal services

  • Major changes to Governing Documents

  • Company appraisal fees

  • Bankruptcy, dissolution, merger, consolidation or other major actions

  • More than one attorney conference per year

  • Re-titling and transfer of assets into Company and applicable conveyance fees


 03  What is the cost

Current fee is $795 for a 12-month period for the Business PLUS plan

  • Additional entities are just $399 per year

  • You can pay all at once or over 6 months by cash, check or credit card

  • The fee is guaranteed to stay the same for two years

  • Additional work may be available at an additional fee

 04  How do I make changes to my documents?

Just call or email us! We will ask you to write down your changes and either email them or submit them to us on our website. If we have questions, we’ll get back to you promptly. If not, we’ll make the changes and then email them to for necessary signatures. 

 05  What is the Annual Review process?


Here’s a summary but the documents provided after you subscribe will have more detail. In the month immediately prior to the month you registered your business entity,  we  will  send  you  an Annual Review Package that includes several important items. Through this process you can: 

  • Set a meeting with one of our attorneys

  • Update your personal and asset information

  • Update us on your Company and its key owners' status

 06  Do you pay for Secretary of State filing fees?

Yes. Your annual program fee includes payment of the Utah state filing/renewal fee on an annual basis.

 07  Do you act as my Company's Registered Agent?

We can act as your agent in Utah. In other states, we coordinate the hiring of an agent for you.

 08  Do you pay the Registered Agent in other states?

If you want, we can act as a conduit for payment of Registered Agent fees in other states to make it more convenient for you. In other words, you pay us and we pay them. You can also pay them directly if you’d like.

 09  What are the annual requirements of keeping my business current?

Annual requirements include:

  • Annual Secretary of State filing fee for each state in which you do business

  • Registered Agent for each state in which you do business but do not have a business presence

  • Annual income tax return for each business entity

 10  What kind of educational content and webinars do you provide?

Every month we provide educational content for our Program members. The newsletter and webinar content covers a wide range of interesting topics applicable to your business.

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