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Virtual Legal Services

Legal Services

A wide range of virtual-based services to meet the needs of our business clients. Whether you need help with contract drafting,  business formation, or succession planning, an experienced business lawyer is here to help.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

A formal maintenance and update program designed to help you focus your time and energy on running your business rather than chasing after the tedious but critical "back-office" legal paperwork. An innovative, convenient, and cost-effective way to make sure your business entities maintain their strong corporate shield to protect you, your business, your assets. 




When there is no estate plan in place for a business owner, there is no plan for addressing how the business will continue without its key employee: the owner. Create an estate plan so that you, your family members, employees, and clients will not be severely impacted by the disruption that is likely to occur in your absence.


At Modern Utah Law, we believe in using tech to make legal services more convenient and more accessible. That's why we offer virtual meetings and consultations to our clients. Whether you're located in Utah or anywhere else in the world, we're here to help.

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Annual Strategy Plans


Business CARE

FILE your company’s Annual Report with the Utah Division of Corporations (including filing fee).

FILE your company’s Beneficial Owner Information required by the Corporate Transparency Act with FinCEN (no filing fees required).

ACT as your company’s Registered Agent (if requested).

FREE ACCESS to our exclusive Free Utah LLC app for creating future LLCs

Annual Fee: $295 

Additional entities: $245 each


Business PLUS


UNLIMITED telephone calls*

CREATE your company’s Annual and Semi-Annual Minutes of Meetings

CONDUCT an annual review of your company Governing Documents

PREPARE your company’s Ownership Certificates and maintain Ownership Logs

CONDUCT an Annual Legal Checkup meeting with you, your team, or your advisors

PREPARE up to three (3) deeds to transfer business real estate

PREPARE and provide to lenders a Statement of Authority and other entity documents

PROVIDE periodic education or webinars to help you stay abreast of changes in the law

PROVIDE regular checklists, updates, and reminders

Annual Fee: $795 

Additional entities: $399 each

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